Movie Box

Download Movie Box Apk Hack will help you to download and enjoy all your favorite latest movies and TV series on one click, if you are a movie lover or love to watch TV serials just like me then Movie Box Hack is for you and will help you to watch online favorite movies on time. You cannot just only watch them but can also download them. Usually, it happens due to our busy routine we missed our favorite shows so now you can watch them later on Movie box application and the good thing is you can use this app in any device.

Yes! You can use it on Android phone, Tablet, iPad, or even on your PC/laptop. You can get the pro version here on movie box Apk hack which is totally ads free. So from now onward don’t miss a single episode of your favorite movie or TV program. I know you are going to love this as there are many other features like bookmarks, notification alert, pause, download, and share on Facebook etc. which makes that movie app different from other movie apps.

Looking for a good opinion about the movies? Movie box is your app for this, you can check the user reviews about any movies in the Review Section so you can analyze either to watch or find another one. A good feature is you can create your own personal list of TV shows and movies.

Features of MovieBox

Here you can find out the Features and Movie Box Reviews.

  • Movies can search with the keyword, Relevancy, and Category. Easy to find.
  • Can check the status of Trending Movies, Upcoming Movies, and TV shows.
  • Rate movies, Watchlist and Watched List.
  • Movie Trailers.
  • Can add TV Serials and movies in the list.
  • Rate your favorite movies.
  • Save your favorite TV serial, Wallpaper, Movies
  • Download Wallpapers
  • Set direct wallpaper to screen

With 4 Million + TV Shows, Movies and 7 Million Casts and crews, this application is on Top 5 on Trending in Play Store with millions of downloads and Thousands of reviews because of so many things in one place. Its functionality is really fast and user-friendly.

A good feature that I personally like is you can find movies and TV shows in your favorite genres. It’s available in English (US/UK). German. Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French and Chinese.

MovieBox apk gives you access to all its resources in its pro version (Perhaps the free version is also good). The good thing about this application is it continuously updates the data so you don’t have to miss a single episode and even don’t have to wait a lot to watch any new movie. Don’t worry about the legality of the application and also the movies, because all of the content of this application is legal. Now there are no excuses why you cannot catch up your favorite movies and TV show on time as this application updated their databases on time also it is user-friendly and compatible for all operating systems and devices.

Movie box hack apk

It brings the largest collections of entertainment packs for its user’s entertainment. It contains countless movies, Endless TV shows, Wallpaper etc. This android based application is free of cost for its users with high video visualization capability. You can enjoy all its resources after the movie box hack apk installation in your device.

movie box apk hack

Movie Box APK

When we talk about functionality then Movie box Apk has no problem and working accurately. It shows box office films sorted by their review rate and in other side shows trailers of films. If it doesn’t work try it with VPN or hotspot.


Download Apk

To install this application for your Android phone, Tablet or any device you need to download the app for movie box. You can download the installation file for Movie box apk free from here, there is also a pro version which is ads free. You can also have it and watch the movies without any surely entertain more as ads become annoying and also took extra of your time either they skip-able or not. Pro feature of MovieBox has some advanced plus points that made it different from the free version.


Movie box ads free

Movie Box ads free is the feature of pro version you can just watch your favorite movie without any disturbance, No pop-up ads or sidebar ads will appear on the screen. Pro feature only displays the video screen also give a feature to download your favorite movie with movie box you can also download your favorite TV serials by installing Movie box ads free.


Download Apk movie box pc

It is run-able on all devices user can enjoy it on Windows 7/8/8.1/10 or iPhone, iPad or Android device either its mobile phone on iPad movie box apk run smoothly on all devices with all of its features, it has a user friendly and also a device friendly interface that fit on any screen without any bug or fixes needed. But let me explain to you as you know that movie box is basically an Android device which can be used on android platform and not natively support for Linux, Windows or Mac platform. You cannot directly download it and run on your Computer so you have to Download Apk Movie Box PC for watch movies on TV. There is an alternative way to install Movie box Pc. you can check the other article to learn step by step instructions about how to download movie box pc.



Movie box plus ads free app

There are awesome features to give you an outstanding experience that will have you doing away a joy able application and can make this application more enjoyable, different from other movie apps. Here are the following Features the user can enjoy installing movie box plus ads free apk. You must take a look at it.

  • Daily updates

It updates its databases on daily bases, there are hundreds of movies and TV serials that release on a weekly bases. It does not just update it but also updated in on regular basis just to keep his users up to date.

  • Multiple Varieties

As this application updates on the daily basis, there is the huge collection of Movies and TV Show so you just can get bored anymore by MovieBox live Movies. There are multiple categories have multiple movies related to it so that you can easily choose which one movie to play as per your current mood.

  • Notifications

You don’t have to check for new episode and movies time by time. There is a notification feature that let you update whenever there is a new episode or movie updated so you can watch it before others.

  • No payment

A very good thing about this application is you can use it for free if you don’t want to pay it, yes! You have the access to all access. If you want to remove the ads then you have to pay otherwise it’s totally free.

  • Multiple Resolutions

It fits on any screen due to its device friendly that you can enjoy all data on your any device also there are multiple resolutions you can pick any of these 1080p Full HD, 720p, 480p, 360p Movies.No doubt its helpful when you have a low internet connection or a limited data bundle provide by your internet provider.

  • No Compatibility issue

Movie Box was basically designed for Android devices earlier, but due to its good features and the good response, it’s further implemented for other devices. So now it’s also available for Android and Windows with no compatibility issues.

  • Download what you like

The user cannot just watch favorite movies or TV serials they can also have excess to download it and this is a built-in feature you don’t have to use any other way for this.

  • Watch later

This awesome application has features to watch your favorite movies later or if you have to stop it for some time you can also pause the video.

  • User-Friendly Graphic unit Interface (GUI)

Anyone can use this application with its most User-Friendly Graphic unit Interface (GUI) it’s very easy and simple. You just have to make some clicks for all.

  • Bookmarks

If you are watching a movie and you want to see it again so you just have to make the bookmark of it and whenever you want you can see that video with its Bookmarks Feature.

  • Share

Users can share their favorite movies on Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking sites with one click share option. Obviously, everyone loves this feature, we love to share our favorite movie or video with our friends so it’s easy now to just click on a share button and simply post it on any social network rather than copying the URL and pasting it on the desired location.

  • Filters

It makes easier to find any Movie by using features, you can just have to put a keyword to find your desired movies and a drop-down list of movies will appear on the screen. You can also filter the videos by resolution sizes, video quality and many more. There are also categories so the user can find his choice from these categories.

  • No Signup

Usually, other free apps ask you to signup first before anything, but this Movie application doesn’t ask you to sign up or sign in before accessing its databases. Most of the time it happened to me whenever I tried to watch a movie found google SERP’s results they force me for signup which just not only took my extra time but also asks for credit card information but on this you can simply watch your favorite things without having the account on it. So these are the features of movie box plus ads free apk which provides a unlimited access to the enjoyment.


Movie Box Pro Mod working Ads Free

MovieBox Pro Mod working Ads Free Features of movie box application give the user ads free access to the whole database, you don’t have to wait for the ads to skip, just click on any and enjoy the movie without any disturbance. Pro versions of MovieBox have all functions that make this application much different from other movie applications. I still myself, using Movie box pro mod working ads free and I am loving it.



  • Movie box app is a free android based application that can be used in other devices as well. But to install it you have to follow some steps. It has many features like sharing options, no sign up required, features to find desired video, Different Categories, huge varieties, daily updates, Latest video notifications, Multiple Resolutions, Best user friendly GUI, Multiple device compatibility, No payment or Credit card required for free watch, Pause/Stop video Facility and many more.
  • There was a bug found in the past in which the application just crash after opening which was fixed by closing the application, you can force stop application from Settings/app settings/Movie Box and clicking on force stop although you can simply close the running application from the double tap on Home button. It can also be removed by using iFile or iFunbox and locating var/mobile/library/caches/ and delete com. Moviebox.etc. or anything which looks like this. After these, you just have to restart the movie box application.
  • As you may know that many network carriers are preventing the connection from being established to movie servers by the app as 3G restrictor works with it. You can avoid it by using any proxy or VPN.
  • There is no such payment is required to enjoy this application. You can enjoy this application lifetime for free also you don’t have to sign up for this so you don’t have to go through from long survey forums and even don’t have to provide the Credit Card details.
  • It continuously updates so the bugs can be fixed plus the user can enjoy the latest stuff without any wait. It’s totally legal app, it has made a good legal reputation and not involved in any illegal activity.
  • There are both features, watch now and download later Movies, User has to enable it from options.