Been testing out some of my stand up material on the squad and everyone SRSLY loves my sandwich related knock-knock jokes. For instance, Knock Knock / Who’s there? / Lettuce / Lettuce who? / Lettuce in, it’s FREEZING out here!!! Auntie Grace laughed so hard she had to straight up leave the fashion show and cool down at a Wetzel’s Pretzels for 10 minutes LOL.


Ok the rumors are true… GigiHadid and I got asked to leave set the other day b/c we were having too much fun pranking Kendall and the photographer threatened to quit smh. Just wanted to publicly apologize to everyone and announce that I’m going to limit my pranks to 1 or 2 a day instead of like 40 a day. Gunna be hard, but I’ll pull through. Thanks Fam. xo, Kirby


NYE dinner got kinda lit when the waiter pulled off his disguise and revealed himself as Kanye hahahaha!!! That dude is the friggin King of Camouflage and the Prince of Pranks lol


Kendall is going on a “Sandwich Diet” where she basically just doesn’t eat any sandwiches for a month and she hired me to be her “Sandwich Police” which basically means I just don’t let her eat any sandwiches. Not really great at my job tho b/c I thought she was texting on her phone but she was actually just eating a sandwich smh lol. I guess both of us aren’t great at keeping pinky promises 😕😑


SO EMBARRASSING… totally thought Kendall said we were going to “mime camp” but I guess she said “voter registration rally.” Lol All good I had fun anyway tho. Ended up using the art of miming to help 20 youngsters register to vote AND taught them about the three branches of government 🙂

Updated: January 30, 2020 — 5:04 pm

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