I don’t usually play with my food cause eating it is already so much fun, but when Kevin James asks you to play pizza catch… you don’t turn that shiz down!!!


Got kinda bummed when Kendall said she didn’t want to be a part of my Sonny & Cher photoshoot but then I got kinda pumped when Kim said she’d do it instead but then I got kinda bummed again when I found out that Kim didn’t rehearse ANY of the songs I emailed her. It’s fine tbh. Just needed to vent.


Kanye wrote this pretty crazy/beautiful play called “Kanye’s Play” about a dream he once had so we decided to put it on for the whole squad in the back yard!!! I accidentally fell off the stage like 3 minutes into the show but my role wasn’t that important so I just chilled on the ground until the curtain closed haha smdh!!


Drake Bell hosts a backyard movie-a-thon every summer and this year he chose all 8 Harry Potter movies back to back. I think this pic was snapped right when Hagrid says “you’re a wizard, Harry” and all of us were pretty SHOOK by the news even though we already knew that Harry was a wizard LOL smdh


Had kind of a late night trying to glue Khloe’s aquarium back together (which I broke with my new bow and arrow haha oops) and I kept falling asleep on set smdh. Our photographer, Patricia, kept throwing candy into my mouth to wake me up but I srsly almost choked on one so she just gave up and decided that me sleeping made the pic more artistic hahaha.

Updated: January 30, 2020 — 5:04 pm

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