Sad today, fam. Our fav Greek restaurant (Pita Palace) closed down so me and Kendall got dressed up and treated their last day open as a hella ritzy funeral ha. Gonna miss their spicy gyro salad and Mama Athena pinching my cheeks and calling me “little fat boy.” I’ve never seen Kendall cry so much. Dang.


Water is life. Life is water. Water is H2O. Kendall is literally the most hydrated person I know, so it’s obvi why we want this bday to be all about raising money to get clean water to people who need it! Please donate anything you can!! Link to donate in bio!


Ha! 4th year in a row that I accidentally locked us out of our house on Christmas Day smdh. Mom had to smash the front door down with one of her high heels and it was SAVAGE haha Not a lot of people know this, but Mom is actually super strong so it’s fun to watch her display feats of strength


Despite Mom saying “No, put it back” to literally everything I picked out, it was a fun/sentimental day saying goodbye to my happy place. Toys R Us – you were my first love. I’ll never forget your smell of baby powder and dried soda. I’ll always cherish your linoleum floors, perfect for popping wheelies in the bike section. I loved the hum of the florescent lights, which illuminated all of the Choking Hazard symbols and made me feel safe. I’ll miss my Sunday ritual of playing video game demos on your sticky, broken controllers. I’ll miss your slightly rude but warm employees reminding me to buy batteries (not included) at the checkout line.  You were an island of bliss that changed my life forever. I’ll see you in heaven. You were one of the good ones.


Patiently waited 4 hours for a table at the Hard Rock Cafe before I realized I forgot to put our name on the list smdh! TBH it was the maddest I’ve seen Kendall in a while but I can’t even blame her cause we were hungry AF haha. We got some tuna sammies at 7-Eleven tho so we good!!!

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