Can’t believe I got to live my Wild Wild West dreams with Kendall and this giant horse named Greg. His owner said he couldn’t do any tricks but in less than an hour I taught him how to eat peanut butter right out of my mouth!!! Either I’m the REAL horse whisperer, or Greg’s owner is a freakin idiot. He also ate a carrot, sugar cubes, hay, and a AAA battery, which apparently I wasn’t supposed to feed him haha! smdh


Modeling is super fun but inventing clothes is my real passion! This jumpsuit was inspired by the movie “Kangaroo Jack,” features two separate sandwich pockets and is completely flame resistant! Special s/o to Kim for letting me have her old Levi’s to repurpose. Feels good to accomplish something so important and I’m excited to hopefully (fingers crossed!!!) sell them in front of select Subway restaurants across the SoCal area.


When I was told that I was working with an angry bird, I thought they meant the actual bird from Angry Birds. Instead, this bird was just literally an angry AF bird. Am I mad? 100% yes. Still pretty cute tho tbh haha idk I just love animals

Sometimes I get kinda mad thinking of Kendall’s lost potential as a basketball star. She’s tall, she has long legs and she can slam dunk a basketball like I’ve never seen. I secretly wish that I also had her legs so that I too could slam dunk lol. Nothing would get me more amped than shattering the glass of a friggin backboard! Still convinced that I’ll hit my growth spurt soon tho!!


Got to style my first photoshoot! I went with the theme of “Steve Jobs At the Beach” which was inspired by a dream I had of going to the beach with Steve Jobs. The dream ended in a BRUTAL shark attack but luckily the shoot didn’t LOL!!!

Updated: January 30, 2020 — 5:04 pm

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